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The Agency is led by Bryan Passanisi and Jessie Fadayel, two expert in-house enterprise SEOs with over 20+ years of combined experience working with small to large-scale enterprise  organization.  Brown Bear offers services ranging from organic content development, SEO tech, and project management, all  to help businesses of all sizes increase their organic search presence.

Our Mission.

Brown Bear Digital isn’t just an agency that partners with your team, but is an extension of your team. We love connecting with our clients on a personal and professional level, which helps us develop better results  and long-term relationships.

Bryan Passanisi

Bryan Passanisi

Co-Owner LinkedIn

Jessie Fadayel

Jessie Fadayel

 Co-Owner LinkedIn

Bryan Passanisi is an Organic Content Expert. Over his 10+ career in SEO, Bryan has led organic content strategy and teams for multiple Fortune 500 Companies. Bryan has received prominent recognition and awards for the significant outcomes of his contributions.  The most recent was his 2021 “Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)” content strategy at Intuit. 

Bryans’s work focuses on developing a comprehensive and synergistic strategy for a company’s total content efforts. The results are a compounded increase in organic visibility, expertise, authority, and trust (EEAT) from major search engines. Bryan is known for his passion and his love to teach all things SEO and Content Marketing.

With 10+ years of SEO experience, Jessie brings a vast amount of technical knowledge and project management experience to the team. Having worked at an agency leading the SEO department and in-house for companies like Shutterfly and Upwork, there’s not an SEO problem that he fears. 

Jessie has led SEO-focused growth strategies at many startups and enterprise companies which has helped him develop a deep knowledge and understanding of different industries. He works with his clients to understand their target audience, business goals and what makes them want to convert. He’s transitioned his role into an SEO focused project manager over the last year at Upwork and is extremely passionate about his work and helping our clients. 

"Bryan's willingness to collaborate and keep an open mind made him a valued partner to our brand marketing team."

Bryan’s passion for trying new approaches in content marketing was key in helping our team launch new categories successfully and bring our brand positioning to life. His willingness to collaborate and keep an open mind made him a valued partner to our brand marketing team. Bryan takes the time to educate other business partners on SEO and because of that, more integrated brand ideas were able to be executed with cross-functional support.  – 

Jean Kim Hahn

Senior Director, Global Consumer Marketing at Medtronic

"I would recommend Jessie as a great contributor to any marketing team!"

Jessie was our SEO lead at Shutterfly. I appreciated his proactive thoughts in recommending changes that we should make to our pages to improve our organic rankings. Jessie worked well cross-functionally, identified opportunities, and share potential revenue implications of his recommendations. I would recommend Jessie as a great contributor to any marketing team!

Vick Advaney

Head of Product Marketing at

"Bryan's Passion!"

Passion! Bryan has an unbelievable drive to excel at everything he does. He thinks through all the approaches, identifies those most likely to yield the most impressive, repeatable outcomes, executes quickly, analyzes the results, communicates the insights, and builds upon them. He would easily engage others on his team and those working with him with his excitement and line-of-sight. You knew if you gave him a project he would not only make it happen; he would figure out a better way to do it than you had thought of. 

Though gone less than a week from Shutterfly, I miss his smile, friendliness, openness, and passion already.

Mike Berry

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Marketing Technology and CRM at Condé NastSenior 

"Jessie is extremely knowledgable"

I worked with Jessie at Shutterfly and found him to be a great SEO partner. He’s extremely knowledgable (and keeps up to date with the ever changing algorithms) about best practices related to SEO, provided good visibility into how our efforts to optimize were making an impact, and is very collaborative. Jessie is also comfortable working with PMs and Engineers – updating JIRA tickets, providing feedback on front-end changes to enhance the site for SEO.

Elaine Nagashima

Head of ProductHead of Product at Huckleberry Labs

What Makes Brown Bear Different from other agencies:

Brown Bear was founded on the principle that clients deserve to work with real experts. We found the current agency approach of having experts as the face of the organization, but not actually working on client projects – Un-Bearable. When you work with Brown Bear, you work with a team of experts that care about the end results and strive to meet your business goals. 

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